You are important

A warm welcome – and you are important – really! 🙂 You have landed here in a whole new social medium. And that is for all model makers. Whether beginner, advanced, re-starter or professional: We are building an online community together. We speak friendly with each other and are happy to give tips to others. Let’s create something unique together! The website is currently under construction. In January 2021 it will be ready with all its features.

You can start today and become an important part of

Please register here. The membership is free of charge. All forums and groups are open to everyone. Photos and contributions can be shared exclusively by members. So become an important part of this new online community today. Explore it at your leisure, so you can learn where to upload your photos and posts in the groups and forums. The members can also send each other private messages. Everything is available, what a social medium needs. But it needs now only one thing: YOU! 🙂

Additionally we recommend to jump on the mailing list

This is intended to let you know from time to time. For example when we open a new group or start a fantastic competition. Your email address will be 100% neither given to third parties nor sold.

There is one more thing: You are important

As said at the very beginning: You are important! It does not matter what status your work has or how young or old you are. What is important is that you are a member and share your work with others, ask your questions and pass on your experience. Therefore: Please register now

Who is behind

It is Vasilij Ratej from Switzerland. He is the owner of the german speaking cigar blog Yes, he likes to smoke cigars! That is his hobby. His second hobby is model making.

Vasilij Ratej

We are looking forward to you

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