4 ultimate tips to overcome the tinkering blockade

Here are the 4 ultimate tips to overcome the tinkering blockade. Every modeller knows it: The creative break, or the creative blockade. Inside you want to be creative, tinker something, feel the feeling of creating something beautiful again…. but you are blocked and don’t know how to solve this blockade. Here are my tips on how you can overcome your creative blockade and have the great feeling of tinkering again:

Tip #1: Drink a coffee, look at a modelling magazine or internet and get back the feeling of the desire to build

No kidding. This is my first tip for you. You know, it goes like this: Take your favorite model magazine and sniff the pages. If it’s not too old, you can still smell the printer ink easily, no shit! 🙂 Experience this feeling, it’s awesome! Then, make yourself a coffee and sit down at your favorite place. Slow down inside by deliberately making it really slow… Sit down, smell the coffee, take a sip and start leafing through your favorite modeling magazine. Take a look at the pictures, read some text, get back the feeling from your memory what it is like when you build the many details on the model: The photoetched parts, the scratched parts, the grinding and so on. And then, when you feel this feeling so right inside you, go to your hobby table and do what tip #2 suggests:

Tip #2: Clean up your hobby table and discover your feeling of a new beginning

Also this is no joke 🙂 Clear everything away from your hobby table, do it slowly and do it deliberately. Clean your hobby table with detergent, nice and slowly and then put all your utensils on it. Take a new kit or one you have been working on for 65 years. Put all parts neatly on the table and feel your desire to tinker FINALLY again!

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Tip #3: Clean your brushes, scissors, tweezers and other tools and smell the smell of success

So you clean your tools professionally with magic water: Turpentine, or turpentine substitute, or whatever you need. The stuff has a certain smell and it spreads around the room. Enjoy this smell, it is your personal smell of success! 🙂 FINALLY you smell model making air again and you can hardly wait to work on the parts laid out in front of you.

Tip #4: Slow down, pause, explore your regained modelling feeling and start building

Please DO NOT rush to clean and sanitize. Consciously slow down and explore your regained modelling feeling. Now that everything is clean and in place, sit down, look at your components, study the building instructions and start building. Again, do it very slowly, very relaxed, very consciously. Please do not rush! Enjoy every single hour, every single minute, every single second! Because this is exactly the time that belongs to us modelers all alone! Completely private and personal! No one else has access! This time is the most valuable time when doing handicrafts. Take it and do NOT rush 🙂

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